Här kommer ett videoklipp på en avkomma från en av våra svenska clumber spaniels och i klippet så får ni se henne jaga med sin husse James Darley. Han har denna gång, ingen bössa med sig.

James Darley och Spot, Venaticus Isabella

It may be of interest to you and your club members to view a video of Spot hunting for me (without a gun) on Christmas morning.  I am attaching a link: https://youtu.be/mYOftJE4cW0  

It can be viewed also on Facebook and YouTube.  It is edited to ten minutes although she worked for double that time.  Viewers will get a good idea of the pace, drive, pattern and stamina of which a good Clumber is capable.  She starts in a back wind before we turned around, and then soon found a cock pheasant, dropping instantly but unseen behind a tree.  Retrieving, of course, is also important, but it is an extra.  In field trials, hunting counts for 90 per cent.”